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geo tv



Geo News is a decently famous news channel having exceptionally immense viewership all through in distinctive regions of the planet which is expanding step by step. One of the essential explanations for the distinction of this news direct particularly in Pakistan is the present destroyed states of Pakistan.  Every where there is gore, shell impacting, political irregularity, suicides and incalculable other social issues adjust the nation.  So that individuals can get cognizance, about the most recent redesigns, that what and where the occurrences going ahead, in the nation. It regularly uses to illuminate the individuals of Pakistan in their own dialect Urdu with the goal that educated or uneducated, senior or more youthful can similarly get it.


 Geo News was started in November 2005 having its principle headquarter in Karachi. Geo  News in essentially worked by exceptionally celebrated around the world Jang Group assuming its significant part openly consciousness  from most recent not many decades ,uniquely through print media in Pakistan. Individuals want to watch Geo in place of CNN, BCC, or other nearby channels in view of its transmission in national dialect Urdu. Besides Geo News use to show sizzling live television shows on current issues with the intention that individuals can came to ponder both the negative and positive parts of the matter additionally the veiled  substances really behind the uncovered truth publically.
Geo News is essentially a sub station of Geo TV which was started in May 2002.geo TV Pakistan is Pakistan's Television Network and it was steered by an autonomous media enterprise. After fruitful test of Geo TV on fourteenth of August 2002 or we can say on the 55th special day of our favorite country Geo TV live streaming were started in October first 2002.
Live Geo TV is fastly developing in Pakistan and not just has it had an exceptionally high rating around the diverse satellite conveyed TV stations furthermore that Geo TV Market has extensive variety of circulation in light of its extraordinary characteristics, flexible projects and sizzling Geo news Live. Geo TV has a fabulous approach and scope of breaking news directly after the occurrence .People living in different regions can get to ponder that pronto with presently. Since last two year Exress News has become the majour competitor of geo news.

Essential FEATURES

Remarkable characteristics and essential lands of Geo News Live and additionally different channels of Geo system overall are given underneath.  One can get significant logistic and specialized data about Geo TV from it.

Geo Satellite

The specific Satellite which empowers us to watch the Geo News Live streaming on our TV sets, desktops, laptops, mobiles and numerous other development electronic units is named as PAS-10 .Our TV sets and different devises catch these electronic indicators and change over them into film and sound indicate with the goal that we can watch and here them .It is only in light of this satellite that we can watch the live transmission of Geo TV in the meantime in diverse regions of the planet in the meantime with same force.

Minute by moment Live Geo News in distinctive zones of a city and diverse urban communities of a nation and diverse nations in a mainland and diverse landmasses in a planet this is the favoring of the PAS-10 satellite framework.
Consistent with longitude and scope estimations of the planet this satellite is arranged 68.5-Degree east and download Link Band of it is C-Band.

Recurrence & MODULATION

 Geo News Live streaming and also the different systems of the same system are digitally transmitted at the recurrence of about 4114 Mega Hertz with level extremity. While image rate of Geo News Live is 3300 Mega bytes / second; having FEC 2/3 and QPSK (auto) tweak.


As per Live Geo TV overseers and every one of the aforementioned who are supervising this channel their vision about the Geo TV Live streaming is to open up the voices of flexibility contenders, advertise the positive gainful movements on grass root level, to update the general population about the political situation and also the variables influencing the GDP of the nation in positive or negative sense from the subcontinent Asia. Live Geo TV telecasts highlight the social issues with respect to society, current social order matters; national and worldwide issues that straight or in a roundabout way influence our framework moreover excitement so as to guarantee its soundness and quality stuff GEO News live proliferate transparency of authority and the credibility.
Geo TV presents fascinating systems, News, syndicated programs, morning shows, open live studies and drama diverting shows for expanding it viewership. It likewise pushes and does human speculation through human assets keeping in mind the end goal to fulfill stakeholders and also its better tied down future and the primary reason behind its creation.


Mission of Geo TV system and particularly Geo News Live is to illuminate the individuals. It assumes it critical part to mindful the neighborhood people against diverse social shades of malice and blames in distinctive branches heading the nation. It downgrades the pattern of social foul play, destitution, absence of education, mortification of ladies and tyke work and numerous other applicable issues. Geo advertises festival on national and religious events by broadcasting distinctive live shows; telefilms and dramatizations with respect to the event.geo have a pushing discourse as "incline toward toleration"


"Geo" is a conciliatory word could be utilized within numerous faculties and in distinctive dialects. Experimentally word geo implies "planet or identified with planet" while in Urdu dialect it essentially means "to live on". In short it can likewise be use in political sense so as to criticise or to illustrate through immediate and aberrant references. Geo TV Urdu utilizes the articulation "Har Pal Geo" applicable to its name as a trademark.


Geo News Live has their show in Urdu dialect .Urdu is a national dialect of Pakistan. Urdu is favored on other nearby dialects like Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, balochi, siraiki for GEO in light of the fact that it is the national dialect and  has necessity on different dialects as it might be talk and comprehend by everybody either educated or ignorant similarly. Being a mother dialect of lion's share of Pakistani as a solitary element it indicates agreement around the individuals of a nation.
Hence we can say that Geo News Urdu are viewed, preferred and taken as reliable due to its Language, trueness and its speedy approach and charge on breaking news. As there are numerous different News channels likewise yet only due to their distinctive dialects restricted to specific territory and scope they are not as quite requested. Also due to English which is unjustifiable here in Pakistan in view of absence of consciousness and poor education rate besides it is not the mother dialect of individuals living here Geo News Urdu are liked to them.


Geo TV Live has started numerous sub channels 

  • geo News
  • geo Super 
  • agg TV
  • GEO Super

Geo super is one of the beginning and the innovators Pakistan's game channel presented under the banner of GEO TV by the Independent Media Corporation (Imc).geo TV Live started this channel for games sweethearts who are obsessed with  different sports. This channel use to give live and recorded blanket of distinctive games matches normally held in diverse ranges of the planet.
As it name shows "super" abstract implications as brilliance .So it blankets brilliant matches, sports, players, shots in distinctive diversions, splendid execution of games man and so on. Mission of this channel is use to show diverse amusements on interest of the unrestricted aficionados of backing.


Geo Live TV likewise has AGG TV serving neighborhood people and enthralling them through distinctive systems. Distinctive acclaimed showing systems of AGG TV are:

  • applause Revival
  • the Sahir Lodhi Show
  • the Shareef Show
  • super Duper Gana
  • hurn Das
  • vj Chat Box
  • bnn
  • punjabi  Totay

Geo New live use to broadcast numerous sizzling and educational systems with multitalented, strong, fearless and certain grapples know how to talk and brief general society where to raise the inquiries and how to supervise when somebody is attempting to make mole mounts .How to handle the scenario in diverse conditions and how to handle and ask the powerful address publically in live shows and talks
Names of the extremely popular programs and minimal insight about some of them are taking after:

  • aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath
  • aik Din Geo Kay Saath
  • aapas  ki Baat
  • awam Ki Adalat
  • banana News Network
  • capital Talk
  • chal Parha
  • fir

Capital Talk is the most extremely popular live dialogue project broadcasted by GEO News. This project is generated by Tafseer Hussain and had by a splendid, astonishing man a man of expressions Hamid Mir. The configuration of the show is that there is a board examination of generally famous commissioned individuals from the distinctive fields and political foundations for the conceivable result or deciding consequence of some discriminating current issue in which all member exchange through each measurement so as to expose the substances.
Aaj Kamran Khan kay Sath is likewise publically acknowledged show of GEO News which conceals the day by day adjust overhauls of the day. Being a master columnist Kamran khan furnishes the general population with in-profundity dissection on the present issues
Apas Ki Baat is had by Najam Sethi who is an encountered and master examiner of Pakistan. There are no political statements and complex dubious sentences in his exchange actually his best quality is to do the obvious, to the focus talk about the issue and its entire situation. In his show he examines across the country issues and their results around the globe.
FIR is the project with high viewership. This project furnish the wrongdoing reports  and point by point dissection of the wrongdoings happened in different angles in diverse part of the country.fir is coproduced by Zeshan Shah while controlled and had by Saqib Ali and Faheem siddique individually.
Aik Din GEO Kay Sath is extremely fascinating project displayed by GEO TV organize in which the GEO Team go through a day with a celebrated internationally dispositions ,legends and stars  has a place with the diverse field of life. Weaving examination is there by the Sohail Warraich have of the show so that to know bit more individual and genuine data behind the mainstream famous person .Friends and relatives of the temperament are additionally there to give their surveys about it. Henceforth it is a system with one of a kind stimulating and educational view by Geo News.


Separated of distinctive different stations broadcasting different programs there are diverse globally prestigious portions put forth by GEO TV. These channels have an extensive no of viewership inside and without the nation. Diverse fragments with short depiction are given beneath:


Geo Pakistan spreads all the everyday schedule occasions in distinctive areas with respect to legislative issues, social issues and all different occasions and occurrences event in Pakistan.

Geo World

Geo planet redesign about all the present occurrence in diverse part of planet. That what's going ahead on the planet either positive or negative great or terrible. Individuals by sitting at their own spot get overhauls about entire episode of the planet.


Geo TV live enlivening its viewers in to a degree diverse and interesting courses through Geo astonishing and intriguing .We realize that there is a considerable measure of strain and despondency around us because of current state of the nation  which likewise intensely answerable for fiscal emergency. So through fascinating, stunning certainties, new innovations, new records and findings they attempt to occupy the consideration of their miserable, sad and discouraged viewers.


Geo health use to broadcast diverse programs and news about health, sustenance, distinctive maladies and the medicine of distinctive ailments and new disclosures in universe of prescriptions. Most recent upgrades and updates distributed by WHO (planet health association) and FDA (Food and drug administration).latest medicines, indicative test and pharmaceuticals for distinctive ailments .Researches about diverse plants or creatures influencing health in negative or positive sense.


In GEO stimulation we can watch new motion pictures of Holly wood, bolly wood and lolly wood, new music films started and new collections unrestricted photography and modelling and other masterful and inventive stuff from diverse specialists. It likewise spreads numerous different occasions and matters which can decidedly influence human inclination or can redirect consideration briefly from their chaotic schedules.


Geo business use to present the projects about business or identified with the business .Price trekking, budgetary profile of distinctive nations, ups and downs of costs of diverse items like petroleum, CNG .Fluctuation in quality of dollar and Pakistani coin, cash trade, rate record of the nation . There are likewise programs about the stakes and delicate perceives of distinctive organizations or diverse ventures of the organizations. There are additionally programs about business and representatives, live dialogues about their encounters.
Live Geo TV has its immense viewership and fans past the fringes. With the intention that why GEO TV has its uncommon transmissions in distinctive nations while the critical ones are given beneath:

  • geo UK
  • geo USA
  • geo Canada
  • geo Japan
  • geo Europe
  • geo Middle East 


Geo Mobile is an interesting office gave to the fans and viewers by Geo TV arrange actually Geo live TV is a pioneer of presenting its sites for  versatile clients with the intention that they can get redesigns about anything at whatever point and from all around when wish. One can even expedited from overhauls indeed, when there is power washout at home. This inventive characteristic of Geo portable was started in 2008 fair by going to this (beta) one can get the Geo TV Live stuff when needed.


Geo TV system additionally gives the office of Geo Live Streaming for web clients. In the event that somebody needs to watch Geo News or whatever possible project broadcasted by Geo TV then by exchanging into the official site of Geo which is http:// .com .Through this we can watch Geo News online as well as can watch past and most recent scenes of diverse systems either live or recorded. Furthermore now and then it happens that you are far from TV sets or there is power washout or any specialized issue then you can on the other hand utilize the Geo online office and joyfully watch all the transmission and live Geo News on your mobiles and laptops.


Geo News Live TV is expedited with progressed specialized hardware are needed stuff. Just for example there is a Newsroom computerization administration .Geo News Pakistan has a state-of-the-symbolization newsroom prepared with dynamic automated framework to pace with the present issues at this time in Pakistan and in distinctive regions of planet. There is completely fueled and fortified news preparation branch managing the constant news transmission up to 24 hours. That is not as simpler as it shows up. There is a great deal of exertion behind the blind .Geo News Live TV has a full charge on news operation, gathering of veiled certainties, criticism of nearby society about diverse open issues, script composing of moment to moment news keeping in mind the end goal to make it adequate and exhaustive, control of distinctive pictures, figures and films with respect to news. Keeping in mind the end goal to get ponder the center of the matter or to figure out the skeletal substance of discord completely approached contacts and tremendous system of approved individuals needed to administer this all concurrently with other specialized exercises. Parcel of diligent work, time and skilled individuals require to do work through distinctive programming and systems to supervise the day by day timetable of projects and to handle all the throws and group incorporating diverse reporter's specialists.


Realistic framework utilized by Geo News system embody conveyance instruments for visual correspondence, progressed computerized representation and in addition incorporated undertaking substance administration .Using distinctive media stages and remote requisition gateways there is a preparation of different offered programming that make conceivable the structuring of  TV illustrations, virtual environment  and rich visual stuff up to the imprint for transmission.
Procurement of completely approached TV innovations and utilitarian systems administration is guaranteed by regulated and synchronized framework and naming studio control framework expedited with sound multi track recorders. These computerized work stations furnish adjustable operational capacities for different elevated expectation business titans. There is a media server framework having interfaced systems, deliberate delicate ware and disc based information space frameworks .Geo TV system has capability to handle  the offbeat and also isochronous sound & film channels up to  scale of 3.2gb/s on an optical filament.


Under supervision of Imc(intelligent Media Consult)  a  uncommon multi disciplinary preparing has been furnished to circuitous  500 parts has a place with the team like makers,  executives ,reports ,journalists, Polaroid  persons and editors  of Geo TV  Network. Allies of this directing group comprises of multitalented individuals has a place with generally famous TV channels, for example CNN and BBC having diverse designations  of  makers ,executives ,editors ,script essayists ,Polaroid men and presenters. This fundamental instructional class included two parts in distinctive venues. One session of preparing was in Dubai while the different was in the city of lights Karachi, Pakistan. Time span of this instructional class was indirect 5 months. This multi-disciplinary preparing demonstrated exceptionally helpful as it gives mindfulness about use of diverse apparatuses needed to manage the station of completely outfitted TV station. It gave them a chance to know how to do work, how to administer the proficiency of the work in thick and thin, how to clean their internal capabilities and how to facilitate and speak with one another while working in a collaboration. Preparing was further gone before with number of workshops and classes with refreshments in diverse zones round the planet.


It was truly a major ordeal for Geo TV Network to get prevalence around numerous other encountered, made and celebrated internationally channels with high appraisals and worldwide viewership .But only due to devoted staff parts, laborers and different executives in short as a result of the dedication of a solitary individual there of Geo TV who demonstrate their selves and their ability first to stand this channel and afterward to look after and enhance its telecasting in Pakistan and also in numerous different territories of this boundless planet. As we know our social order is different multi standard social order having individuals with distinctive  religions and foundations with diverse societies, mentalities and recognitions to stand upon and get a critical designation in such conditions demonstrates the interminable endeavors of its conferred staff behind the blind .Geo News and also entire Geo system  is working  a mess on human venture  fiscally and in addition voluntarily .Thus quickly we can say that Geo TV  is  assuming its fundamental part towards the better fate of Pakistan by arising its people, by cautioning them about distinctive nearing disasters , by  enlarging their mental  range and enhancing their reasoning abilities , by honing their social qualities and goodness  last yet not the slightest by downgrading the  social and religious indecencies which are intensely hurtful for  our salvation for us as well as for our nation and religion.


Live Geo TV other than serving as a TV direct just likewise working in the field of social working for the advancement, progression and salvation of its individuals .Geo TV Urdu has started numerous battles so as to mindful guiltless and straightforward individuals about diverse national and universal publicity stunts against them, their society ,nation, country and their religion. Few  of them still initiated are given beneath:

  • geo or jeenay do
  • geo Dost
  • zara sochieay


There is an exceptionally really popular drama system of Geo News Urdu named as Hum Sub Omeed Say Hain.
In which infamous pioneers of Pakistan are censured in an interesting manner. Same is the situation with Geo and Jeenay do guides who are deceptive to their designations and open are focused through it so as to mindful the individuals to do something against their defiant activities.


Geo Urdu News has as of late started the battle "Geo Dost" in which anybody poor or rich, junior or senior, man and ladies can take an interest and can make their voices or can make them louder against social unfairness. Nowadays it is kept tabs on blunder and different blames in the field of instruction. We can see the movies caught by the learners which indicate the persecution and ruthlessness on blameless modest understudies by their educators or flightiness and visit nonappearance of instructors from the schools or the shortcoming in school administration and building.
Step by step instructions to take an interest is exceptionally straightforward just catch pictures and movies with respect to the subject and send it to the specific location .Geo TV system will broadcast it in the wake of assessing it. Many viewers then can watch these movies or pictures on Live Geo News .So that there may be a possibility of change and conceivability to handle change and unrest.


Geo Urdu News additionally has started a crusade ZARA SOCHIEAY finalizing the exact low ability rate of Pakistan relative to the next advanced and immature nations. They have made distinctive documentaries about the individuals who began from grass root level and gets momentous victory only in light of training keeping in mind the end goal to move the individuals about the vitality of instruction. It likewise having a motto "parhany likhnay kay Siva Pakistan ka Matlab kya zara sochiey "
Subsequently we can say that Geo TV is working a ton in wide extend for the individuals of Pakistan. That is the reason it is preferred by the individuals right here. Presently it is additionally the avocation of Geo directors that to utilize or situate this enormous viewership in positive sense and on the right way with the intention that our nation get more advancement in each field of life and complete different nations in each

Geo News is Pakistan’s most famous news TV channel. Geo tv provides latest news, breaking news updates, forum discussions and much more, you can watch Geo TV live online for free here. Watch live Geo News Live streaming is becoming popular day by day. Along with geo you will find here many more most famous TV News channels of Pakistan. Here is a list of most popluar Geo TV Live News programs: 1 Say 2 business news and analysis, Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath, Aik Din Geo Ke Saath anchor Sohail Warraich, today yesterday date Bazaar business and trade stock exchange market, Capital Talk with Hamid Mir, Mere Mutabid with hassan nisar live on geo, Crisis Cell, FIR, Geo Pakistan, Banana News Network BNN, Geomentary (Jano aur jantey raho!) Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain famous geo tv program, Geo Dost, Geo Ajooba, Geo Shaan Say, Hum Awam, Khabarnak host Aftab Iqbal, Lekin program with anchor Sana Bucha, Awam Ki Adalat Hosted by renowned journalist and anchor of extremly popular talk show “Jawab Deyh”, Iftikhar Ahmad, JIRGA, Kehnay Mein Kia Harj Hai?, Score, The Shareef Show with umer sharif, VoA Voice of America A news show aired from United States of America. Accessibility to Geo live tv online news is very useful for internet users without media cable connection. You can watch Geo online LIVE! and see what’s going on at Geo Live TV NEWS, directly from your computer. getey raho. geo or gene do geo news live.

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